Geno  吉诺(British 英国)


喜剧魔术/Comedy Magic








国际/International Audience


tComedy Entertainer - Geno Deville

(British entertainer, living in China)


With a funny amusing whimsical style, one of the only western comedy magicians who works 100% Chinese or English, in China.


2013 - 2019, Geno has started in his own theater tour show called Geno’s World which has performed in hundreds of theaters around China bringing joy to thousands of families.  The show was voted as “Asia’s favorite family fun show”. 


Geno’s signature comedy show was full of controlled mayhem, Magic, audience participation, prop comedy which a touch of groovy harmonica. 



High-light performances in his international career

For 30 years ,Geno has been performing all over the world.


Began to learn magic as a child and began performing as a street performer at Covent Garden in London. 


In his younger years he won countless magical accolades including two European close up Championships. 


Through-out his career he has been in high demand, equally in the close-up magic, stage magic and roaming magic arenas. 


Resident Magician aboard former Cunard flag ship the QE2, plus many other cruise lines. 


Three contracts performing at Disney in the US. 


Won two European Close-up magic championships and countless other international competitions. 


Published seven books on magic and balloons. 


For five years, Geno was a British Airways' preferred artist performing at corporate events and celebrations around the world.


For many years, was the main support act of on stage, screen and television for British superstar Keith Harris and Orville the Duck, appeared at Kensington Palace in London performing for Prince Harry at his 3rd birthday party, as well as in front of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. 

Geno has also performed for many other world royals and dignitaries in the UK and abroad. 



Some of Geno’s satisfied clients include: 

Microsoft, IBM, Compac, Kodak, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lotus, Aston Martin, Ford, BP, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Emirates Airlines and so on. 


Theme parks, all over the world, such as Disney World, Alton Tower, Thorpe Theme Park, Blackpool Beach Paradise, etc….



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