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Jackie Sun

Director, Screenwriter & Entertainer of both “Who Am I” and “The Journey”

He is well known in China as the founder of very first China Mini-Theater Magic show. He is also the first Magician who has the magic class on TEDx in Mainland, China and the video has over 270,000 views online in one day. 


“Magic Journey”

“The Magic Journey” is wrote, directed and acted by Jackie in 2012. 

The show created the miracle of sold out for the whole year in 2013 and became the first place of Studio Theatre shows.

In 2015 “The Magic Journey” has stated touring around the world with 90 mins show, 111 times laugh and 95 times of applause, the compliments from the audience are 100%, even from the authorities like Xiayu, Luozhenyu, Yif, Rocco, Kevin James and more……


The show is combined with original magic, warm atmosphere, humor and high interactive with audience, at the same time use dramatic story that go through the whole show, connecting the beginning and the end, create an unique journey feeling for his audience.


“Who Am I”

“Who Am I” is Jackie's second self-directing and self-acted show which is about a dramatic story about a young magician who gets lost in his Magic world trying to seek for his redemption and finding himself again with the help of  his audience. The story happens on a film set, the main actor Jackie Sun does delicious double duty as the Director and the main actor in the story. He is determined to shoot a Magic Movie, but due to “lack of financial support”, he has to share all of the roles in his movie to his live audience. In the shooting of this Magic Movie, there are conflicts, dramas and laughs comes from different aspects because of the unpredicted audience participation, but there is no one has ever expected that the ending of the show can bring such a shock to every single one of them, not only in the show but also in their life.



  • The Magic Journey - “Who Am I” is the first Magic Drama with high audience interaction. It has won the Second Place in the Fringe Theater Arts Festival.
  • This show has created a deep crossover of Magic, drama and movie, these artistic forms. The act form itself is unprecedented. It has contains different forms from various movie style, like Action film, affectional film, comedy film and even the time-travel film. This show itself is absurd but also unexpectedly amazing.
  • According to the records of how many times that audience has laughed out during the show. “Who Am I” has been awarded as “The funniest Magic Drama”.
  • The other highlight of this show is the high-interaction and participation of the live audience. Director Jackie Sun has picked up live audience to play different roles in the movie and they all can impact the flow of it. At the same time, every audience who steps into the play will receive his/her special action material and be a part of the interaction to actually feel like the movie star. They will also be awarded with prize in the end of their performance. So the show is never boring.
  • The Magic Journey serial has build up the first Brand for the Mini-theater Magic show, it has over 300 performance around the world as well as over 5 million RMB tickets sale.


导演、编剧、主演、中国小剧场魔术第一人 - 孙峥

中国大陆首位TEDx魔术讲师,视频阅读量一天内超过27万。 辽宁卫视《有请主角儿》当月收视率第一; 2015年度最佳互动魔术师;他编剧、导演并主演的《魔术旅程》系列剧目在票房上印证了他的成功,并收到了刘谦、夏雨、开心麻花、Yif等业内人士的一致好评。







《我是谁》- 自导自演第二台魔术秀

本剧讲了一个在朝云暮雨种迷失的魔术师与观众一起找寻自我的荒诞故事。 故事发生在电影片场,主演孙峥一人分饰两角,影片《我是谁》的导演与主演,立志拍摄一部“魔术电影”。 由于“剧组经费紧张”,不得不将电影中的各种角色都交由现场观众临时扮演。他们之间的冲突不断,笑料百出,最终完成的电影结局却令所有人都瞠目结舌。



  • 国内首部先锋互动魔术戏剧,曾获Fringe戏剧艺术节亚军
  • 本剧深度跨界魔术、戏剧及电影的艺术形式,演出形式史无前例。 涵盖了动作片、赌片、爱情片、搞笑片以及穿越片的形式,荒诞且出人意料
  • 场均111次笑声,被誉为“中国最好笑的魔术戏剧”
  • 除本剧的演员外,观众也将走上舞台扮演剧中角色,并左右剧情的发展。此外,每位观众都将获得特殊道具,参与全场狂欢式互动,最终拿到只属于自己的魔术礼物,HIGH翻整场
  • 《魔术旅程》系列剧目为中国小剧场魔术第一品牌,演出超过300场,票房达到500万以上


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